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Viv Jim

Keywan Mahintorabi


Jay Barton

Nikos Kalaitzidis

Scott Edelstein

Eric Kazanowski


Digital Domain


Fast and Furious 8


The Fate of the Furious was my first show with Digital Domain in Vancouver, Canada. I had two Canadian job offers at the time but was naive about any VFX studios outside of Australia— so I asked a supervisor of mine, “If you had to chose between working at DD and Sony, which would be the best career choice?”

An eye-opening experience, with much larger teams (around 70 compositors split into two teams) and a higher pace and scale of production than what I was used to in Sydney or Adelaide.

Work involved as a compositor:

  • Integration of CG vehicles, explosions, DMP mountain ranges, sky replacements, snow and fog atmospherics.

  • Replacement of the ground plane with CG ice sheet across all shots.

  • Turning shallow plate slurry into deep water.

  • A series of bluescreen cockpit shots.

  • 1x shot in a last-minute addition to the edit— the "Submarine Rollercoaster" sequence (stereo)

The show was overall supervised from Los Angeles, with the LA supervision team travelling back and forth between LA and Vancouver. The hours were brutal, but I’m very thankful to the leads and supes for their guidance and the decades of experience behind DD leadership that allows for the best work possible in some very limited time-frames.

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