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Joseph Stenning


Will Gammon


Tom Wood


Cumulus VFX

Compositing Supervision

Compositing Lead



We had a small team of talented young artists and Elvis was their first feature film project. Working with client side supervisor Tom Wood, Cumulus VFX was first tasked with a series of postviz sequences (not pictured) — then asset build and shot finalling work, with bidding based on knowledge gained from postviz.

When it came to final shots, the bulk of Cumulus’s work was for the "Hayride" and "Lauderdale Courts" sequences, amongst some other smaller work throughout the film.

The work involved:

  • Assets for set extension and integration of those assets.

  • Bluescreen — vehicles and sets.

  • DMP environment work to turn Southern Queensland into the US South.

  • Creating a variety of artistic transitions using new cameras to transition from one plate to another. 

  • Bids and working with outsource paint, roto and matchmove vendors.

Will Gammon and Joseph Stenning did fantasic work in crafting the look of assets and shot design  (mostly pictured), whilst I focussed predominantly on the team's consistency in methodology and other technical aspects of the project and its deliverables.

In addition to some shot work and supervising the compositing, I prototyped colour, review and delivery pipelines to meet the show's technical requirements, with a view for the pipelines to be adaptable for re-use on future projects.

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