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Virginie Marchand


Vin Nguyen

Simon Twine

Brian Rust


Dave Hodgins

Hanzhi Tang

Michael Melchiorre

James Reid


Digital Domain

Compositing Supervisor (acting-as)

Compositing Lead



Work for Black Widow's "Red-Room crashing from the sky" sequence was split into two teams, with Los Angeles and Vancouver taking on shots for anything above ground level and Montréal taking care of anything close-to or on the ground. Overall VFX supervision was driven from the Los Angeles studio.

Digital Domain Montréal had just opened up as a new studio and Black Widow was one of the first projects— I was sent over from Vancouver to lead a team of 10 compositors with an offer of promotion to Compositing supervisor.  I declined the promotion but accepted the supervisor responsibilities.

The Montréal work involved:

  • Maintaining consistent colour throughout the sequence for plates shot under various daylight conditions.

  • Enhancing the plates with fires and debris from the fallen Red-Room.

  • Embers, ash and smoke generated in Nuke.

  • A last minute re-imaging of the ending with re-shoots.

  • Asset builds that could be used to blend the bluescreen-set from the re-shoot with clean plates from the original on-location shoot.

  • Setting looks & creating setups, assigning and balancing work-loads, bids, representing artist's work in reviews, QC'ing and reviewing work, picking up other artists' work as required.

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