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Paul Chapman

Viv Jim

Chun Ping Chao


Kelly Port

Scott Edelstein

Eric Kazanowski


Digital Domain


Avengers: Infinity War


Work involved for Infinity War:

  • A pinning system to improve the matchmove of Thanos's fingers to Thor's head across a series of shots.

  • A pinning system to stick a rendered eyepatch to Thor's face, with a blend between eye patch stiffness and Hemsworth's performance.

  • Thor glowing head crack effect.

  • Utilising a single setup approach to iterate 7 like angle shots in line with each other.

  • Creating a card based solution for crowds (standing, falling and running actors) in the "Young Gamora" sequence— offered up by the comp department as an alternative to requiring 3D crowd resources.

The crowd workflow could batch out all sprites to the farm in one operation (≈ 250,000 frames), enabling the quality of the keys to be iterated in-step with each other over a period of a few weeks. 

This work inspired me to write a Nuke crowd system tool "NotMassive" which has been used in multiple feature and episodic productions since.

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